How to Choose Stocks for Options Trading?

Options trading is becoming insanely popular among investors as it allows them to hedge risk while earning a good income. Also, options trading allows many traders to hedge risks, speculate high yield stocks, and earn income.

There are different strategies through which investors can diversify their portfolios and earn high returns. With options trading, you can buy or sell an asset at a set price at a certain date.

An option trader needs to determine the correct underlying asset as the value of options stock gets derived from the underlying asset. Hence to increase trading options, traders need to focus on selecting the right underlying stocks to trade.

As you add some options to your portfolio, you will get to realize that the method of buying and selling is really helpful. This is because options stocks add more leverage and protection as well as yield high earnings.

Apart from investing goals, options contracts help you to achieve what you are trying to do. For instance, you may add option contracts to hedge against stocks that are currently running in a downturn thus helps to lessen the losses.

How Traders Choose the Right Stocks for Options Trading

Do some research

It is important to do some research to find the best stocks to trade or invest in. Do research related to review earning reports, monitor upcoming events, industry-related search, and check how these events impact the stock market.

Check out the management team of a company, go through their website and press releases, check out the products and services they provide and check if they provide any proven record of success or not.

Choose the Liquidity Factor

Before selecting any stocks in options trading, make sure that the stocks you choose are highly liquid. This is because liquidity allows you to enter the trade and exit from the trade more easily that too without paying heavy slippages.

The most liquid stocks with greater volumes indicate that the trading volume of a stock is ongoing and cannot be affected by any upcoming event. Many investors often get confused with the liquidity of stocks and the liquidity of their options. However, the case is somewhat different from what you think. If a stock is liquid that doesn’t mean that its options are also liquid.

Keep a Track of Implied Volatility

Volatile options trading provides greater returns irrespective of underlying stocks moves up or down. Implied volatility is the most important factor to determine the options price as it tells you whether a market is expecting to move or not.

High volatility always comes with high premiums that help to determine that the volatility will not get increased which causes the option to get exercised.

In contrast to this, lower implied volatility means benefits to the buyer of the option as it gives cheaper priced options.

For greater gains, traders can also compare a stock’s historical volatility with its implied volatility. For options traders, it is crucial to keep an eye on upcoming events that could affect the implied volatility of an underlying asset.

Identify upcoming events that impact stock prices

Traders who are interested in options trading, need to pay a little attention to stock-specific events. Economic data release, earning reports, election results, and product launches have a significant impact on stock prices.

Here, traders need to predict when a stock is likely to have a big price movement. Carefully notice that movement, get into it, and exit before the movement is over and starts to reverse.

Stick to Your Watchlist

It is feasible to create a watchlist of stocks with whom you are more familiar with the movements and behaviour of stocks. For beginners, it is suggested to stick to those stocks on which you made correct predictions in the past. This is recommended for those, who are not much experienced.

Determine Your Investment Objective

If you are an options trader, you need to determine what your trading objectives are. Knowing investing objectives help traders to get a clear idea of what are the goals that help them to choose the best investment strategies.

Final Thoughts

Needless to say, options trading helps traders to hedge risks when the stock market goes down. However, there are multiple points you need to consider while investing in the stock market. Traders need to do a bit of research, review historical data and charts to identify trends before investing in options trading.

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