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#Knowledgebyte – Best Stock Market Websites In the World

Stock market investing is a volatile venture. While investing in the stock market, it’s profitable to be very careful as an investor, you ought to be aware before diving into the dynamic stock marketplace.

Here, let’s know about some of the best websites which are available for the same.


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Website: www.moneycontrol.com 


Started by Victor and Sangeeta Fernandes. It was acquired by Reliance Industries In 2014. At Money control, the stock securities data like Sensex and Nifty values are provided.

You’ll find information about Indian stocks, trends, mutual funds, private finance, charts, market updates, cattle prices, commodities, currencies, IPOs, etc. along with Historic information and present efficiency of the companies. There is a platform so that your investments can be tracked. There you can also find a Money Control app to provide such services.


stock exchange, Indian stock market, share trading, stock trading, stock market trading

Website: www.nseindia.com

 Started in 1992 and is headquartered in Mumbai. The current CEO of NSE is Vikram Limaye. As the organization has to provide their financial reviews to the NSE, hence discovering the financial information of any corporates, home and overseas buyers, new listings, IPO is easier.

It also provides historical information relating to the NSE and NIFTY. The attraction to the traders is packages and certifications. It provides a free technical evaluation of Indian stocks, reports, charts, and other tools. 


Indian stock exchange, Bombay stock exchange, share trading, stock trading, share market trading, stock market trading

Website: www.bseindia.com 

Founded by Preached Roy Chand in the 19th-century and headquartered in Bombay Quite similar to NSE India, you may find out historic information about companies and company movements. About 5,500 groups are indexed on BSE and an entire checklist of ‘public’ groups can also be obtained from this internet site.


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Website: www.investing.com

 Investing.com is a worldwide financial portal and net emblem owned by Fusion Media Limited, situated in the British Virgin Islands, it also provides apps for Android and iOS. It offers information about Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Interest Rates, Futures and Options.

It also provides evaluation, discussion board market news and charts, technical records, and financial tools related to the worldwide economic markets. The largest attractions are its tools like Stock screener, Fed charge screen device, foreign money converter interactive charts, stock charts, indices, and foreign exchange charts.

  1. 5. SCREENER

 Website: www.screener.in 

Screeners mainly can be used by equity traders in India. With this, you’ll be capable of have access to long-time financials of diverse companies and further simplify it.

It serves you with regular information about the marketplace financial tools, the company performance formerly and the current, comparison with their performance too, the company’s sales and losses and the stability sheet, evaluation research and charts are furnished in this platform.

It is a great website for the fundamental and technical evaluation of stocks. This website gives Investment tools which include stock screen-er, Fed rate monitor the Forex market correlation, Pivot Point Calculator, Profit Calculator, Margin Calculator, etc.


stock market, share trading, stock trading, share market trading, stock market trading, online trading, equity trading

Website: www.marketsmojo.com

Market Mojo helps in the analysis of portfolios and stocks independently. The website gives Pre—analysed information on all shares, financials, information, price movement, broker recommendations, technical and all of the vital for the Indian stock markets. 


Website: www.tickertape.in

Tickertape (“TT”) owned by small case Technologies Private Limited 2015, having its registered workplace in Bangalore a content material website and information provider for stocks, ETFs, and different investment instruments.

TT gives diverse offerings like inventory screener, diverse essential and technical parameters, Market Mood Index – sentiment indicator of Indian stock marketplace. It also provides simple fundamental knowledge about the stocks.

8.Tijori Finance

Website: www.tijorifinance.com

It helps in the Analysis of financial information of a company & compares it against their closest competitors. It allows to Monitor the market performance of various companies across sectors. There is a new feature of Portfolio added – it keeps track of your investments and also provides the risk exposure factor.

It compares against niche sector-specific indices. which help in making your company’s benchmarking more relevant. It Analyses the performance of more than 20 sectors. 


Website: https://ticker.finology.in

The ticker is a wholesome equity research platform and, rather it is quite a user-friendly website and easy to use.

They provide important market analysis tools, stock valuation for retail investors in order to enhance the stock analysis experience, tools and stock market research tools to figure out what are the problems actually faced by the investors while carrying out stock research.

The features such as special ratios & premium bundles attract investors to use Ticker.

10.Stock Edge

Website: www.stockedge.com

It provides More than 200 Technical and Fundamental research of the company stocks. In the case of Equity, it gives a complete Analysis of 5000+ stocks in a single click, also provides information about Mutual Funds. 

It provides features Edge Reports like Conall Analysis, Case Studies and IPO Notes. It provides Advanced Charting Tool too.

Go for the websites according to your requirements, For more details, you can visit www.swastika.co.in.

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