Shares of Adani Enterprises slipped to 10%

Why Adani Enterprises shares fell sharply

Shares of Adani Enterprises slipped to 10%


One of the fastest expanding diversified companies with a wide range of products and services is Adani Enterprises, the parent firm of the GautamAdani Group. The firm acts as an incubator, launching new enterprises in the transportation and logistics, as well as the energy and utility sectors.

Through Adani New Industries Limited, Adani Enterprises is driving the decarbonization of industries and transportation (ANIL). The management of airports, roadways, data centers, and water infrastructure are other next-generation Adani Enterprises strategic business initiatives with a lot of potential for value unlocking.

Adani Enterprises’ share price

 On Monday, Adani Enterprises struck a 10% lower circuit. For the third day in a row, the stock declined. The stock has fallen more than 15% overall in the last week. Shares of Adani Enterprises have fallen by more than 23% from their 52-week high of 3,883.70 per share, which was recorded on September 20.

On Monday Adani Enterprises ended the day at 3,157.15 on the BSE, down by 293.85 or 8.51%. The market value of the firm is around 3,59,915.45crore.

The Access-Controlled Six Lane (Expandable to Eight Lane) Greenfield Ganga Expressway Project (Group-II, III, and IV) in the State of Uttar Pradesh under the PPP method was financially completed, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries stated last week. the business further raised $100 million by issuing market-linked debentures

Reasons for the decrease in stock prices

Higher interest rates are a straightforward solution. Inflation has begun to increase following years of loose money policies and low-interest rates. The US Fed has started a plan of gradual rate hikes. In turn, this may deflate the price of growth stocks. The impact on the businesses in the Adani group is already apparent. Growth stocks are companies that are now making large investments in order to gain rewards later. These businesses may or may not be successful right now, but they aspire to do so in the future. So growth stock value declines when interest rates rise.

For this reason, an environment of rising interest rates like the current one is more detrimental to growth stocks like Adani. Value equities are prioritized above growth stocks in such a situation. Of course, there may be further explanations for the decline in Adani stock prices.

Financial Performance

For the first quarter that concluded on June 30, 2022, Adani Enterprises Limited released its financial performance.

  • Sales for the first quarter were INR 408,442.5 million, up from INR 125,787.7 million in the prior quarter.
  • Revenue increased from INR 127,306.3 million to INR 410,664.3 million.
  • In contrast to a year before, when net income was INR 2,714.6 million, it was INR 4,694.6 million.
  • In comparison to INR 2.47 a year before, basic profits per share from continuing operations were INR 4.18.
  • In comparison to INR 2.47 a year earlier, diluted earnings per share from continuing operations were INR 4.18.


The firm has shown solid sales growth over the last three years of 19.91%.

The company’s Cash Conversion Cycle is effective at 15.18 days.

The corporation manages its cash flow well; its CFO/PAT ratio is 2.89.

72.28% of the company’s shares are held by promoters.


Contingent liabilities for the company stand at a total of 6,957.73 Cr.

Trading at a high PE of 411.12 for the firm.

The company’s EV/EBITDA ratio is currently 182.15 which is high.

Recent Updates

Adani Enterprises, the parent company of the Adani Group, has announced the foundation of two new subsidiaries: Alwar Alluvial Resources (AARL) and Adani Disruptive Ventures (ADVL), both of which would be wholly-owned subsidiaries

Adani Disruptive Ventures (ADVL)

JeetAdani, the son of Gautam Adani, the company’s founder, and the vice president of group finance for the Adani Group, are the founders of ADVL. Their objective is to work with companies and entrepreneurs that want to develop solutions using disruptive technology and support them as they grow up their businesses.

Alwar Alluvial Resources (AARL)

Alwar Alluvial Resources, the other recent addition to the company, has an initial authorized and paid-up share capital of Rs 10 lakh per share.

AARL will handle the manufacture of pigments, TiO2 slag, and other incidental operations linked to these, as well as the fabrication and processing of minerals. In due course, the corporation will start conducting business

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