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Invest in success and prosperity by opening a demat account with a stock broker that only cares about your smiles. All it takes is just 5 minutes for opening an account with Swastika Investmart Ltd.

You have an option either to open an account with a new application with us, as well as to resume opening a demat account with us.

Swastika is one of the oldest and most trustworthy stock brokers in India. We offer seamless trading and investment platforms for both the biggest Indian stock exchanges - NSE & BSE. Swastika is a SEBI registered stock broker and is a corporate member with NSE & BSE. We offer the best services for expert traders as well as beginners in stock trading. We have customisable low brokerage plans tailored to your requirements. We also provide the highest limits so that you can start trading with less amount.

Opening a demat and trading account with Swastika just requires your PAN card, Aadhar card, Bank statement and 5 minutes of your time. The entire process is online and paperless. You can click here to start your online account opening process. Our personalised relationship manager will get in touch with you to assist you with the entire process whenever required.

After you submit your online application, it just takes 2 working hours for our team to process your application. We claim to be the fastest stock broker in India in terms of time to open a Demat and trading account. We enable you to start trading on the same day. you can transfer your existing shares online within 24 hours from your old demat account to your new demat account with Swastika. Once you open your account, our relationship manager will assist you with the entire process.

Swastika offers the facility of Basic Service Demat Account (BSDA). If your annual turnover is less than Rs. 50,000, we do not charge any AMC on the demat account provided you’ve not already availed this facility with some other broker. For turnover more than Rs. 50,000, we charge a flat annual fee of Rs. 250 only. Alternatively, you can pay Rs. 1000 one time for making the demat AMC zero for life. Furthermore, we also offer a refundable plan of Rs. 2000 one time for making the demat AMC zero. This amount of Rs. 2000 will be refunded if you close your account after 1 year.

For Beginners: What is a Demat Account?

Demat simply means dematerialization which is the process of converting physical shares into an electronic form. The sole purpose of opening a demat account is such that it eliminates all the risks associated with holding of securities in physical form. Also, it gives you the facility to trade online which was not possible in the past and

In simple words, Demat account is an account where you can hold and trade the financial securities in a dematerialised form.

Importance of Opening a Demat Account

Opening a demat account authorizes investors to trade and hold their financial securities in a more convenient way. Also, it allows them to access their demat account using laptop or mobile phones. However, monitoring your shares in physical form is quite a tedious task as compared to dematerialised form.

Hence, it is important to open a demat account as it holds a great importance in several cases. Some of the reasons why demat account opening is important are discussed below:

Demat Account Is Extremely Safe:

Earlier, the shares were stored and traded in a physical form which was a difficult task as there was always a risk of being stolen or misplaced.

However, with the advent of demat accounts, our investments and transactions are much safer because the extra layers of security, regulations associated with such accounts makes demat account a safest way to hold the shares.

Mandatory For Trading

It is impossible to trade in the stock market without having a demat account. This is because stock trading is only done electronically and hence if you want to buy or sell shares of a company which is publicly listed, you must have a demat account to carry out any transactions.

It is a must to settle trades in an electronic form on any stock exchange.

Multiple Securities in One Account

You probably maintain separate accounts for different financial products such as mutual funds, debt securities, equity which are quite difficult tasks.

With a Demat account, you can preserve multiple accounts into a single account as it helps you to keep a track of all the financial products in the same account.

Relatively Lower Costs

Earlier, there were multiple additional costs such as stamp duty and handling charges when the shares used to be traded in physical form. However with the advent of demat accounts, all the additional costs have been eliminated.

How to Open a Demat Account with Minimum Hassle?

Procedures of Opening a demat account is fairly simple and it requires minimum paperwork. Only you need to go through the procedures of demat account and you are ready to go.

Here is the step by step guide:

Fill the Demat Account Opening Form

Fill up the demat account form. You need to fill the information given in the demat account form such as your address, mobile number, email id, account number.

Also, you need to have a passport size photograph, identification proof such as a PAN card and some documents to verify.

Complete KYC form
After successfully completion of a Demat account form the next step is to complete your KYC (Know your customer)form.
Finish the in-person Verification

Once you have submitted the demat account opening form, your depository participant may require in person verification in which a representative of DP will call you to verify all the details you have submitted in the documents.

Post verification process, you are required to sign an agreement that includes all the responsibilities and rights of a DP.

Get Demat Account Number
Once you have done with all the above procedures, the DP activates your demat account.
Tips To Choose The Best Demat Account for Trading

Do check whether the account maintenance charges are reasonable or not

Many demat accounts deduct annual maintenance charges whether you make transactions or not. Hence, it is suggested to check out the additional charges involved with the demat account and choose the one which is reasonable.

Do a quick enquiry regarding the account opening process

The process of opening a demat account should be easy, fast and hassle free. Do check that a demat account works as per SEBI guidelines or not.

Smooth interface in terms of transactions

Demat account also served as a trading account, hence it is advisable to check whether the interface is smooth or not. Demat accounts with seamless interface provide easy transactions such as transfer of money from bank account to broking account during sales and purchase of shares.

The Bottom Line

Demat account gives you numerous facilities in terms of trading and holding other securities in a single account. Besides, it also gives you a benefit to trade online. All you need an online Demat account and a depository participant that provides you 24*7 support.

At Swastika, you will have excellent services with full support. Confronting any question with respect to account opening? Swastika assists you with its quality services.

For instant Demat account opening in a hassle free way, contact us at https://swastika.co.in/contact-us