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During the times of COVID 19, share trading is a great way to generate extra income as savings are inadequate to fulfil our financial goals. In addition to this, you can also use stock market trading to accomplish your long term wealth creation plans.

There are several investment options available to invest which can turn out as a rewarding experience for a lifetime.

Earlier, trading was a difficult task, as a lot of manual paperwork was involved in the trading process. However, with the advent of digitalization, online share trading becomes as easy as online shopping. All you need is a stable internet connection, best online trading account such as the Swastika, and some good amount of money to invest.

Online share trading allows you to open a Demat account right from your home also. All the manual paperwork can be easily done in a hassle freeway. Here are the following reasons why you should opt for online share trading:

Eliminates intermediary:

With online trading, you can successfully carry out all the transactions such as buying and selling of shares, that too without interruption of a broker. This reduces the overall trading cost and makes the entire process smooth and effective.

Real-time monitoring:

Online share trading allows you to buy and sell shares as per your convenience. It comes with an advanced online interface that keeps a track of all of your trading records throughout the day in real-time. Also, you can monitor the performances of stocks and evaluate the profit or loss of your investments.


With online trading, you only require to open a trading account irrespective of time and place and you are ready to start. Online share trading improves your overall trading experience as it saves a lot of efforts and time.

Greater control:

Unlike conventional trading, online share trading account offers more flexibility and control to the investors. It provides a facility to monitor their transactions with ease.

Also, with a stock trading platform, you can make instant transactions without contacting a broker. You can also make a decision regarding buying and selling of stocks without any interference.

Fast Transactions

One of the biggest advantages of an online trading platform is its speed and efficiency. With the assistance of an online share trading account, you can easily transfer the funds between two accounts with little delay and hence the transactions are much quicker and faster than conventional trading.

Value of one’s money

Online share trading allows you to predict market behaviour in a much better way and learn if the stock prices will rise or fall. In this way, you can handle all of your finances and manage them in a proper way.

Over the months, you will notice that you become more experienced in understanding the market ups and downs and you will learn to extract good investment opportunities from the bad ones.

Hence, by managing your portfolio, you will realise how you are making money by investing in your portfolio. Once you become familiar with online trading platforms, you will be able to make successful financial decisions that will upgrade your portfolio in an extended way.


When it comes to trading, stock trading platforms play a vital role as it improves your overall experience in stock marketing for beginners and professionals both. Besides, you can easily manage your portfolio without a flick of a switch.

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