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Many of you might have not heard the term Merchant Banking. Where other banks offer credit facility to its customers, merchant banking such as Swastika (top stock broker in Indore) offers different services such as portfolio management, IPO launching, loan syndication, raising funds for clients and more.

A merchant banking is a process of dealing mostly in international finance, business loans for companies and underwriting. As merchant banking partners for you, are experts in international trade, which makes us specialists in dealing with multinational corporations. Easy & hassle-free Merchant Banking of corporate and secondary private equity, funds and investments.

Services of merchant banking or best stock broker in Madhya Pradesh involves pre-counselling activities, issue management, loan syndication, underwriting, SME IPO launching and more. 

Difference between Merchant Banking and Investment Banking

Investment Banking and Merchant Banking are almost the same, although there is a slight difference between them. Merchant banks primarily work for small to mid-size enterprises. They offer services like bridge financing, equity financing, mezzanine financing. Investment banking as provided by Swastika Investmart (top stock broker in India), on the other hand, works for large companies. The clientele of Investment Bank is quite large as compared to Merchant banking.

Investment Banks such as Swastika Investmart (top stock broker in Madhya Pradesh) offer services such as underwriting, selling securities, SME IPO launching and share offerings. In addition to this, Swastika also advise their clients on mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring and more. 

Functions of Merchant Banking
  1. Portfolio Management

    Merchant Bank (top stock broker in India) provides numerous advisory services to institutional investors. They successfully manage the client's portfolio by trading in securities on the behalf of clients. 

  2. Raising Funds For Clients

    Merchant Banking company such as Swastika or top stock broker in Madhya Pradesh helps clients in raising funds from domestic and international markets. Merchant banking raises funds by issuing securities like shares, debentures and more. 

  3. Loan Syndication

    Merchant Bank provides loan processing services for the short term, long-term credits. Swastika or top stock broker in Madhya Pradesh provide numerous services by developing a financial plan, adopting loan applications for lenders, estimating the total cost involved. 

  4. Leasing Activities

    Merchant Banking services offer lease to its customers by coordinating the operation of intermediaries, concerning the issue of shares like underwriters, bankers, brokers, advertising agencies. Also, it ensures compliance with the rule and regulation of the capital market. 

  5. Corporate Restructuring

    Corporate restructuring involves mergers and acquisition of existing businesses, sales or merger of existing business units. The process of corporate restructuring is very lengthy and complicated as it requires proper documents, negotiations, approval of legal authorities. 

  6. Money Market Operation

    Merchant banking handles short-term money market instruments such as government bonds, certificate of deposits, treasury bills, certificate of deposits, commercial paper etc.

Swastika (top stock broker in India) banking is a skill-oriented professional service provided to our clients, concerning their financial needs, for adequate consideration, in the form of fee. The notification of Ministry of Finance in India defines Merchant Banker as “any person who is engaged in the business of issue management either by making arrangements regarding selling, buying, or subscribing to the securities as manager, consultant, adviser in relation to such an issue management”. In general, the merchant banks like Swastika (stock broker in India) are the financial institution which provides financial services, solutions, & advice to corporate houses. As the Merchant Banking partners, we cater to the needs of corporate firms. These are the following services provided by top stock broker in Indore as Merchant Banking Partners for you
  • Project Counselling
  • Management of debt and equity offerings
  • Issue Management
  • Managers, Consultants or Advisers to the Issue
  • Underwriting of Public Issue
  • Portfolio Management
  • Restructuring strategies
  • Off Shore Finance
  • Non-resident Investment
  • Loan Syndication
  • Corporate Counselling and advisory services
  • Placement and Distribution

Corporate counselling involves the entire field of merchant banking activities such as project counselling, capital restructuring, public issue management, loan syndication, working capital, fixed deposit, lease financing acceptance credit, etc.

Merchant Banking assists several companies in managing their lease, portfolio, raising fund capital. These banks function in a different way than other banks. 

If you are seeking a merchant bank that fulfils small size and mid-size companies, Swastika Investmart comes second to none. Swastika aka top stock broker in Indore is a leading Merchant Bank of India, aims to provide high-quality services to its clients. Moreover, the company also offers online share trading services with tips and recommendations so that a beginner can easily place trading orders with little hassle. 

Swastika (best stock broker in Madhya Pradesh) as Merchant bankers also provide customized solutions to their client’s financial problems. Apart from this they also explore the refinancing alternatives of the client, and evaluate cheaper sources of funds. Rehabilitation and turnaround management is another area of advice.

A merchant banker such as Swastika or (best stock broker in Madhya Pradesh) advises the client on different hedging strategies and suggests the appropriate strategy. For the Merchant Banking Services, try  Swastika Investmart Ltd to manage your Wealth Profile. Click here to  open an account or feel free to Contact Us