Announcements of Budget 2021-2022

    1. Govt. will combine SEBI Act, 1992, Depositories Act, 1996 and SCRA into a solitary Securities Market Code which should upgrade administration and lessen consistence.
    2. Govt expanded FDI rate in the Insurance area from 49% to 74% however with controls and defends. This opens up the insurance area for Mergers and Acquisition.
    3. For gold trade, SEBI will go about as a controller, seems as though somebody will begin staying at work past 40 hours
    4. Govt proposes to strip two PSU banks and one General Insurance Co., Divestment Target for F.Y. 22 set at Rs. 1.75 lakh crore. Govt resemble – Paisa he paisa hoga!
    5. Help to senior residents Age 75 or more getting just pension and interest pay are not needed to document ITR. Presently they can live sukkon ki zindagi!
    6. No adjustments in Tax section by any stretch of the imagination – Budget ka principle kaam toh bhul hi Gaye!
    7. Threshold exclusion limit for an assessment review, with advanced exchanges, expanded from 5 cr to 10 cr. CA’s resemble ab hamari audit income bhi kha jao!
    8. Monetary Deficit ascends to 9.5% of GDP. Arey! Isko kam krna hota hai.
    9. Petroleum aur diesel cost hi increment krna tha toh financial plan kyun rakh liya.

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